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Essential Oils

Lavender Valley’s essential oils are pure oils of the individual lavender species from which they come. They are extracted from the lavender plants via steam distillation and are not combined with any carrier oils or diluted with any other ingredient.

Lavender essential oil is extracted by distilling the flower spikes of the plant. In general, English Lavenders (Lavandula anguvstifolia) give an essential oil with a sweeter overtone. Lavandins and Lavandula x Intermedias yield a similar essential oil, however, these plants have higher levels of terpenes and therefore their oils have a slightly more camphorous aroma. The oil content of Lavandins and Intermedias is generally higher than that of the English Lavenders, making the English Lavender essential oil higher priced (more rare) on the market.

Lavender essential oil can be added to a bath to promote relaxation, soothe sore muscles, or treat skin issues (acne, minor cuts or burns, sunburn, etc.), or it can be dropped into a vaporizer to help coughs or respiratory issues. Lavender essential oil is one of the safest oils and can be used directly on skin as an antiseptic and pain reliever, or be applied to minor burns or insect bites and stings.

There are many varieties of lavender plants, each with its own unique aroma. Lavender Valley invites you to visit and learn about the various plants, their essential oils, and the benefits of this wonderful plant.

We currently offer the following varieties of lavender essential oil:

- Grosso
- Organic Grosso
- Royal Velvet
- DeLavende
- Twickel Purple

Please check back frequently. We occasionally add new essential oils derived from other varieties.

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    Royal Velvet (0.5oz)

    Lavandula angustifolia ‘Royal Velvet’ (English Lavender)
  • 300

    Impress Purple (0.5oz)

    Lavandula angustifolia ‘Impress Purple’ (English Lavender)
  • 300

    Folgate (0.5oz)

    Lavandula angustifolia ‘Folgagte'
  • 300

    Grosso (0.5oz)

    Grosso is a popular hybrid lavender known for high oil content and st...
  • 300

    Grosso (1oz)

    Grosso is a popular hybrid lavender known for high oil content and str...

5 Item(s)

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